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We exist to recognize, reward and celebrate social media talent and excellence

For Creators & Influencers

With the exponential number of creators and influencers around the world, it is essential to choose who to follow or collaborate with. Famuse Awards celebrates creativity, authenticity and quality by holding competitions in each category to determine the best influencers and creators.

Influencers and digital creators are the new voice of the brands. Social networks do not produce content but new types of publishers have emerged in the last 5 years. FAMUSE Influencers & Creators Awards celebrates the best influencers and creators who have generated engagement, visits and sales for brands.

For Brands, Organizations & Agencies

Our Awards for brands and agencies celebrates and nominates the best brands and companies on social networks. Whether it’s small, medium or large brands, we allow people to make the right choices!

Did you know that a lot of consumers look at social media before deciding on what products to buy? According to a report by UPS, millennials, some of the largest consumers in the world today, consider social media a part of their shopping experience. In short, social media isn’t only a marketing option but a mandatory part of any business. 

Awards Categories


Instagram Awards

YouTube Awards

YouTube Awards

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TikTok Awards

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Twitter Awards

Facebook Pages Awards

Snapchat Lists

Our unique Digital Awards categories reflect the diversity, geographic breadth and depth of our connected planet as well as embracing emerging social channels, media formats and channels.

Our judging criteria is designed to reflect the very nature of our industry – every entry will be assessed on quantifiable, auditable measurement metrics.

You will find attached the generic categories of our contests, each category and platform has several sub-categories

FAMUSE AWARDS : Sub-categories & Topics

Each category and platform above has several sub-categories :

Creators & Creatives
Cause, Tech & Innovation
Apps, online services & Websites

Latest Awards

Explore our collection of the latest announced digital Awards from all categories, don’t forget, the only juge is YOU !

Angellica Grey


Ryan Neason


Natalie Foster

Tennis Player

Brandon Parker

Body Builder

Frida James


Our Vision

FAMUSE aims to be the definitive source of rankings on everything online, from creators, talents, influencers to sports and food. We believe the opinion of millions is more relevant (and far more predictive) than the opinion of one writer or critic.

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