Is Armageddon a true story?

Ukrainian astronomers were the first to detect a 1,350-foot-wide MINOR PLANET that could hit the Earth on August 26, 2032. …

Also What 3 Aerosmith songs were in Armageddon? The album features several songs recorded specifically for the soundtrack, including “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “What Kind of Love Are You On“, performed by Aerosmith, “Remember Me”, performed by Journey, and “Mister Big Time”, performed by Jon Bon Jovi.

Likewise Which actors character dies at the end of the film Armageddon? Armageddon (1998)

An expert member of a deep-core drilling team, Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) died a self-sacrificial death when he remained behind to manually trigger a nuclear bomb explosion within the threatening asteroid, to destroy it and save the world from extinction.

Where is Megiddo today? Today, Megiddo Junction is on the main road connecting the center of Israel with lower Galilee and the north. It lies at the northern entrance to Wadi Ara, an important mountain pass connecting the Jezreel Valley within Israel’s coastal plain.

What does Harry Stamper say before he died?

Harry Stamper: None of you have to go. We can all just sit here on Earth, wait for this big rock to crash into it, kill everything and everybody we know. United States government just asked us to save the world.

Does anyone survive in Armageddon? Answer: Lev

Noonan, Oscar, Halsey, and the two pilots of the shuttle were killed. Only A.J., Bear and Lev survived.

Who played Chuck’s wife in Armageddon? Armageddon (1998) – Judith Hoag as Denise – IMDb.

Is Armageddon and Megiddo the same? Armageddon, (probably Hebrew: “Hill of Megiddo”), in the New Testament, place where the kings of the earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history.

What does the name Megiddo mean?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Megiddo is: His precious fruit, declaring a message.

What is Megiddo in the Bible? Megiddo is an archaeological site that was inhabited between roughly 7000 B.C. and 300 B.C. Numerous battles were fought near Megiddo during that time, and the Book of Revelation, which refers to the site as Armageddon, prophesied that a final battle at the end of time would take place there.

What is the most famous quote from a movie?

A jury consisting of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn“, spoken by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the 1939 American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind, as the most memorable American movie quotation of all time.

Does AJ survive Armageddon? Sharp informs Houston of the loss of the Independence and, presumably, its crew. The crippled Independence crash-lands on the asteroid, killing most of its crew, including Oscar Choice and Freddie Noonan. AJ, Lev and Bear survive.

Why did Harry sacrifice himself in Armageddon?

His decision to sacrifice himself in place of A.J was done for two reasons, 1. He wanted to be sure the job was done right, and 2. He knew Grace would be destroyed if A.J. died. Stamper and his crew did succeed and the end of the movie it is acknowledged that A.J. will take care of Grace, now that her father is gone.

What are Harry stampers last words?

77 Who gets married at the end of the movie? Some of Harry’s last words to AJ were “You go take care of my little girl now. That’s your job. Always thought of you as a son, always, and I’d be (very) proud to have you marry Grace.”

Is Michael Bay in Armageddon? It stars Bruce Willis with Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Will Patton, Peter Stormare, Keith David and Steve Buscemi.

Armageddon (1998 film)

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Michael Bay
Screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh J. J. Abrams
Adaptation by Tony Gilroy Shane Salerno

Is Morgan Freeman in Armageddon? 8 Armageddon: The Cast

Deep Impact has stronger characters that the audiences can connect with, but it still can’t beat the cast assembled for Armageddon. Deep Impact has great actors like Tea Leoni, Robert Duvall, and an excellent performance from Morgan Freeman as the President.

Who plays Cindy big love?

Judith Hoag (/hoʊɡ/; born June 29, 1968) is an American actress.

Judith Hoag
Born June 29, 1968 Newburyport, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1986–present

What is the dads name in Armageddon? Grace Stamper (Liv Tyler) learns to appreciate her abusive father, Harry (Bruce Willis); her story unfurls in unwavering parallel to the story of the American military industrial complex saving the whole world. Well, the whole world except for Paris.

Where is Gog and Magog located today?

Josephus recounts the tradition that Gog and Magog were locked up by Alexander the Great behind iron gates in the “Caspian Mountains”, generally identified with the Caucasus Mountains. This legend must have been current in contemporary Jewish circles by this period, coinciding with the beginning of the Christian Era.

What happened at Megiddo? Megiddo was destroyed in the military campaign of Pharaoh Shishak in 926 BCE, and restored during the reign of Ahab, king of Israel (ca. 874 – 852 BCE) who made it a royal “chariot city.” The new city’s walls were 3.5 m.

What are the seven daggers of Megiddo?

The Daggers of Megiddo are a series of seven consecrated daggers that could kill the Antichrist. A single dagger pierced in the heart is able to kill the body, but not the evil spirit. To do so, all seven daggers must be pierced in particular places of the Antichrist’s body for the Daggers of Megiddo to work.

Is Megiddo in Palestine? Megiddo, modern Tel Megiddo, important town of ancient Palestine, overlooking the Plain of Esdraelon (Valley of Jezreel). It lies about 18 miles (29 km) southeast of Haifa in northern Israel. Megiddo’s strategic location at the crossing of two military and trade routes gave the city an importance far beyond its size.

How many battles have been fought at Megiddo?

Eric H. Cline, an archaeologist at the University of Cincinnati, who has excavated at Megiddo, counted 34 battles fought at the city or its surrounding valley. About a dozen of the wars occurred in biblical times.

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