Is Instagram growing or dying?

So even though Instagram organic growth is dying, it still outperforms every other massive social media platform… combined. For that reason, lots of businesses succeed on the visual social media site. Airbnb, as an example, sees 40,000 organic likes and over 1,500 comments on just one of their posts.

– Flickr.
– Imgur.
– Pinterest.
– Tumblr.
– Retrica.
– Flipagram.
– Cluster.
– We Heart It.

Also question is, What are the top 10 social media apps 2020?

– Instagram. Long the home of influencers, brands, bloggers, small business owners, friends and everyone in between, Instagram has topped well over 1 billion monthly users. …
– YouTube. …
– 3. Facebook. …
– Twitter. …
– TikTok. …
– Pinterest. …
– Snapchat.

Also, Is Instagram getting rid of Likes 2020? Likes aren’t completely gone. You can still view the like count on your own photos and videos — just not posts from others. In April, Adam Mosseri told BuzzFeed News that removing likes was “about creating a less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.”Nov 11, 2019

Accordingly, What apps are similar to Instagram? – Snapchat. Wait, but it’s completely different! …
– Pinterest. While Pinterest is not what one would traditionally call a social network, it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the most influential visual apps in the world. …
– Facebook. …
– Twitter. …
– Tumblr. …
– Flickr. …
– Yummi. …
– Dribbble.

What are the top 10 social media apps 2019?

– 1. Facebook. …
– Instagram. …
– Twitter. …
– LinkedIn. …
– Snapchat.
– Tumblr. …
– Pinterest. …
– Sina Weibo.

Will Instagram remove Likes 2020?

Instagram is not removing likes; it’s hiding them from your public profile. Likes will be private now, so you can still see how many likes a post received, but no one else can. You can’t see anyone else’s like count either.

Is Instagram still growing?

According to estimates by market research firm eMarketer, Instagram’s US user base in 2019 grew 6.7% in 2019, down from 10.1% growth in 2018. In short, Instagram is still growing in the US, but it isn’t experiencing the hyper-growth of its earlier days. … By 2023, the research firm predicts, Instagram will grow 1.8%.

Is Instagram going to die soon?

Instagram, even though it is one of the biggest social sharing platforms, is destined to fall in less than 10 years. The same can be said for Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, Keek, V2 (unreleased), gifboom, pinterest, and any other social sharing platform.

What’s the next big social media platform 2020?


Can I see likes on Instagram 2020?

You can still see the total number of likes on a post, as well as how many likes they’ve received on that post – but your followers won’t know about it. … Only your account users can see the number of Instagram likes your posts receive, and they will no longer show the exact number of people who liked your post.

What are the best social apps?

– Facebook.
– Twitter.
– YouTube.
– Instagram. These are the four social media apps that are the bare minimum for any social media marketer. They represent the biggest social platforms out there right now. They are: Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram.

Which is the safest social media app?

– Mastodon.
– Snapchat.
– Steemit.
– Minds.
– Riot.
– Whatsapp.
– Pinterest.
– LinkedIn.

Is Instagram on the decline?

The truth is Instagram is declining in growth. Last year, in 2019, Instagram grew 6.7%. This year, it is expected to grow between 4 and 5%, and next year even less. By 2023 it is expected Instagram will only grow about 1%.

Which is the No 1 social media app?

Number of active users in millions
——————- ———————————-
Facebook 2,701
YouTube* 2,000
WhatsApp 2,000
Facebook Messenger* 1,300

How do I hide my likes on Instagram 2020?

Is it possible? The truth of the matter is, you cannot directly hide Instagram activity or hide Instagram posts. Your shares, likes, and comments will be visible to your followers no matter what you do. You can choose to delete them or change your profile settings to lower your online visibility.

Why am I suddenly getting less likes on Instagram 2020?

Instagram has a policy of being harsh on automated tools, such as automated bots that like and follow people. The app also has a strained history with automatic posting tools. … With fewer bots, you’re going to get fewer likes. Don’t be alarmed if there’s a sudden decline in engagement.

What can you do instead of Instagram?

– 1 – Have a Conversation. …
– 2 – Read A Book. …
– 3 – Go To Your Favorite Cafe and Read a Magazine. …
– 4 – Go For A Walk. …
– 5 – Spend Time Playing With Your Kids. …
– 6 – Exercise. …
– 7 – Prep Your Meals For The Week.

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