Who is the king of mixtapes?

These mixtapes would be highly influential when it comes to that platform and would take over the mid-2000s, such as his Dedication mixtapes and Drought mixtapes, making Lil Wayne “the King of Mixtapes” in the eyes of many.

in the same way What is the #1 rated mixtape of all time? 1. Da Drought 3 — Lil Wayne.

How many mixtapes did 50 Cent have? American rapper 50 Cent has released five studio albums, ten mixtapes, two video albums, four compilation albums, one soundtrack album, 76 singles (including 26 as a featured artist), and 88 music videos.

Did 50 Cent make mixtapes? 50 Cent invented the mixtape. At least that’s the thinking behind The Lost Tape, the rapper’s first contribution to DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series. … He’s said in the past that he made his first mixtape because no one would stump up the cash for him to cut an old-fashioned vinyl 12-inch record.

How did 50 Cent change mixtapes?

50 Cent started out by using mixtapes to manage his early independent growth as an artist, using the power of old-school methods and the modern ways of promotion to marry the perfect blend of advertising together. In 1996 he met Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC fame who at the time was establishing his record company.

Beside this Who sold more Kanye or 50 Cent?

Kanye West Wins Best Rap Album. … Of course, we all know the results: West’s Graduation won with a staggering 957,000 units sold, while 50 Cent topped out at 691,000 units.

How many records have Jay Z sold? Jay-Z has sold over 50 million albums and 75 million singles sold worldwide. He has won a total of 23 Grammy Awards, the most by a rapper, and holds the record for the most number-one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200, with 14.

Who shot 50 Cent nine times? He spent 13 days in the hospital and then five more months to fully recover. 50 Cent identified his attacker as Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum in multiple interviews, including on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio program on Apple’s Beats 1 station.

What did 50 Cent do for hip hop?

Dre (who produced his first major-label album Get Rich or Die Tryin’), 50 Cent became one of the world’s best selling rappers and rose to prominence as de facto leader of East Coast hip hop group G-Unit. In 2003, he founded G-Unit Records, signing his G-Unit associates Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

Are mixtapes copyrighted? The U.S. Copyright Office will grant copyright to a mixtape under the “collection title.” To receive a copyright, the compilation must contain some “level of creativity” according to PDDOC.com. This means the mixtape must contain some originality — in either the way the music is arranged or what songs are included.

How did 50 Cent contribute to hip hop?

Curtis Jackson, known as 50 Cent, is a hip hop artist and businessman who became famous for his streetwise raps and rags-to-riches life story. After an early life of crime, drugs and violence, he turned to rap, rocketing to stardom with the album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2003.

Who is richer Eminem or Jay Z? Let us now get into the list of the 20 richest rappers in the world with their net worth.

  • Kanye West. Net Worth: $1.8 billion. …
  • Jay Z. Net Worth: $1.4 billion. …
  • Sean Combs / Diddy. Net Worth: $900 million. …
  • Dr. Dre. …
  • Eminem. Net Worth: $230 million. …
  • Pharrell Williams. Net Worth: $200 million. …
  • Master P. Net Worth: $200 million. …
  • Drake.

Who has sold more albums Drake or Kanye?

Now the important question is, which is the better album? While both being financially successful, in the fourth week of sales Kanye sold 357 million albums and Drake sold 744 million. Although, it is not all about the numbers, what comes first is quality. With quality in mind, overall Donda gave us that.

How much did Drake sell first week?

In its first week out, Drake’s album opened at No. 1 on Billboard’s chart with the equivalent of 613,000 sales in the United States, according to MRC Data.

Who sold more Kanye or Drake? Now the important question is, which is the better album? While both being financially successful, in the fourth week of sales Kanye sold 357 million albums and Drake sold 744 million. Although, it is not all about the numbers, what comes first is quality. With quality in mind, overall Donda gave us that.

Has Jay Z went diamond? There Are Only 7 Hip Hop Diamond Albums and Eminem Recorded 2 of Them. … So far, only seven hip hop records have reached the Diamond status that signifies 10 million certified album units sold in the US. Such artists as Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Dr.

Who sold more records Biggie or Tupac?

So, taking those asterisks into account you have to knock 10 million off Pac’s total (to 26.5 million) for the most accurate reading. Likewise, you’d take 5 million from Biggie’s to arrive at the most accurate count (16 million). But Pac wins either way by an edge of about 10 million LP sales on the U.S. market.

How much did 50 Cent sell vitamin water for? Vitamin Water sold for over $4.1 billion in 2007. After helping boost the company’s popularity, 50 Cent reportedly earned around $60-100 million once the sale was finalized.

Who ordered hit 50 Cent?

Kenneth McGriff
McGriff (right) and rapper Ja Rule, 2000.
Born September 19, 1960 South Jamaica, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.
Other names Supreme Preme
Occupation Gangster drug lord

What is pop smoke real name? The death of Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, stunned the music world in February of last year. Now, details of the slaying and how detectives tracked his alleged killers have come to light.

Why did 50 Cent quit rapping?

FUSE TV – 50 Cent Admits Retirement Threat Was Just to Sell Records. … “If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, [2007], I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums,” Fif told SOHH.com.

Where is 50 Cent today? New York rapper 50 Cent is now living in Houston. Born Curtis Jackson, the rapper and creator of the “Power” television show abruptly announced Tuesday that he was leaving the concrete jungle for H-Town. He tweeted, “I Love NY, but I live in Houston now I’ll explain later. Green Light Gang.

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